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Fade to Black [Model SLES-00209]

Export Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Fade to Black © 1996 Electronic Arts.


Game ID: SLUS-00236

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Delphine Software International
Directed by: Paul Cuisset
Created And Designed by: Paul Cuisset
Level Design: Paul Cuisset, Thierry Perreau
Project Manager: Philippe Chastel
Art Director: Thierry Perreau
2d Graphic Artists: Stéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Grégory Béal, Eric Caron, Serge Fiedos, Jerome France, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek, Béatrice Laurent, Cécile Thomas, Paul Tumelaire
3d Object Modeling: Stéphane Aussel, Thierry Bansront, Serge Fiedos, Hervé Gaerthner, Florian Guzek
3d Cinematic Sequences: Thierry Bansront, Serge Fiedos, Yann Le Gall, Thierry Levastre, Frédéric Loubiere, Frédéric Michel
3d Animation Tracking: Jerome France, Florian Guzek, Denis Mercier, Frédéric Michel, Thierry Perreau, Paul Tumelaire
Actors And Stuntmen: Grégory Béal, Anne Fossa, Jerome France, Denis Mercier, Paul Tumelaire
Graphic Design: Eric Caron, Jerome France, Paul Tumelaire
Story Board: Eric Caron
Music Composed by: Raphaël Gesqua
Sound Effects: Raphaël Gesqua
Programmers: Philippe Chastel, Sébastien Clément, Guillaume Genty, Claude Levastre, Alain Ramond, Alain Tinarrage, Benoît Verillaud
Additional Programming: Patrick Bricout, Arnaud Carré, Fabrice Rodet
Fade To Black Playstation Project Magager: Thierry Gaerthner
Fade To Black Playstation Programming: Nicolas Perret, David Rochedieu
Additional Fade To Black Playstation Programming: Benoist Aron, Patrick Bricout, Guillaume Genty, Fabrice Rodet
Dialogist: Jean-Luc Dumon
Voices effects mixed at L'Ours-Son Studio - Paris: Charles Schlumberger

Electronic Arts Staff
Executive Producer: Randall Breen
Technical Producer: Stephen Murray
Production Technicians: Jeff Chang, Nathan Cummins, Paul Niehaus, Steven Nix, Serguei Savtchenko
Public Relations: Fiona Murphy
Product Manager: Albert Penello
Manual: Jason Armatta
Manual Layout: Corinne Mah
Quality Assurance: Chris Baena, Rosalie Vivanco
Package Design: 13th Floor
Special Thanks: Henri-Paul Cartalat, Lori Christensen, Philippe Delamarre, Anne-Marie Joassim, Lisa Higgins, Marc Minier, Bianca Normann, Frédérick Raynal, Patrick Sigwalt, Phillipe Tarbouriech, Matt Wolf
Testing Support and Localization
Language Test Coordinator: Matt Eyre
Language Testing: Michael Gievers, Ricardo Martinez Cantero, CTO of Italy
Translations Supervisor: Kirsten Vaughan
Translations: Didier Jumeau
Translations Testers: Kai Leibert, Lemuel Haham
QA Testers - France: Christophe Brusseaux, Patricia Cuisset, Romain Huet, Sébastien Le Charpentier, Vincent Merienne, Frédéric Pierrat

Voice Talent
Voice of Computer, Sarah Smith: Kristina Holland
Voice of Professor Bergstein, Conrad Hart: Jarion Monroe
Voice of John O'Conner: Roger Labon Jackson
Voice of Morphs, Super Morphs, Ageer, Oracle: Robert Feero
Voice of Hank, Rebels, Cook: Bill O'Neil
French and German versions recorded at: Knocking Boots Productions Studios - Paris
Sound Engineers: Dimitri Bodiansky, Etienne Pauzzo

French Voices
Voice of Sarah: Françoise Cadol
Voice of John O'Conner and Morphs: Bruno Dubernat
Voice of Hanks and Rebels: Philippe Dumond
Voice of Professor and Oracle: Jean-Louis Faure
Voice of Conrad: Bernard Lanneau
Voice of Computer: Déborah Perret

German Voices
Voice of Computer: Paula Klein
Voice of Conrad and Morphs: Richard Sammel
Voice of Hank and Morphs: Hans-Jörg Schnass
Voice of Professor, Oracle and Morphs: Florian Schneider
Voice of John O'Conner and Morphs: Peter Semmler
Voice of Sarah: Doris Streibl