Fabulous Sevens [5-Coin Multiplier]

Slot Machine published by Bally Gaming, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !
Information for the following ROM(s): smi628 smi655 smi799 smi893 smi976


Fabulous Sevens © 200? Bally Gaming, Incorporated.

5-Coin Multiplier slot.


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SMI: 628
Part Number: E844611X-05
Max Coin percentage: 88%

SMI: 655
Part Number: E844711X-05
Max Coin percentage: 90%

SMI: 799
Part Number: E844811X-05
Max Coin percentage: 92%

SMI: 893
Part Number: E844911X-05
Max Coin percentage: 96%

SMI: 976
Part Number: E845011X-05
Max Coin percentage: 97,49%