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List of sound playables on this page (17 files):

01 get down everybody! (credit).vgz
02 u.k.f.a (select your aircraft).vgz
03 are you ready (decision).vgz
04 desert storm (round 1).vgz
05 relax, its all over (round clear).vgz
06 o1991 (round 2).vgz
07 rave war (round 3).vgz
08 give me trip (round 4).vgz
09 beat resistance (round 5).vgz
10 war art (round 6).vgz
11 hellharmony (round 7).vgz
12 drive x (round 8).vgz
13 take drastic (ending).vgz
14 noname (unused).vgz
15 time looper (unused).vgz
16 dont touch u (unused).vgz
17 speaker check.vgz