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F-18 Hornet [Model AP-044]

Atari 7800 cart. published 36 years ago by Absolute Ent., Inc.

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F-18 Hornet [Model AP-044] screenshot

F-18 Hornet © 1988 Absolute Entertainment, Incorporated.

F-18 Hornet is a one-player fighter simulator in which the player pilots a Navy F- 18/A Jet through a series of simulated combat situations including carrier take-offs and landings, bombings, strafings and air combat. In each of four missions, you are confronted with a variety of opponents and must perform a series of combat objectives in order from the Naval Aviator rank. Prior to take-off, you are given flight orders from the appropriate Command HQ (depending on where in the world the mission is flown). After receiving your orders, you must successfully take-off, fly the complete mission including execution of your primary objective (bombing enemy HO, dropping supplies, etc.) and finally land your F-18/A at the designated primary landing site. After completing the mission (or crashing, if unsuccessful), you are ranked according to your performance in flying the aircraft, defeating enemy aggressors and completing the primary mission objective.

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Model AP-044

F-18 Hornet uses both console and joystick control. It assumes your joystick is plugged into the left controller input of your Atari 7800. Note: you must use an Atari 7800 joystick incorporating both left and right fire buttons.

Reset - Starts game.
Select - Landing gear up/down.
Pause - Pause game.
Right difficulty - Eject.
Left difficulty - Drop payload.

An easy way to remember how the joystick works is to think of if as a throttle when the left button is pressed and as a control yoke when the left button is not pressed.

Left button on:
Forward - Starts engine and increases throttle whether flying or on the ground.
Back - Decreases throttle when flying and reverses thrust if jet is on the ground (used for landing).
Left button off:
Left - Moves jet left.
Right - Moves jet right.
Forward - Moves forward if taxiing. Dives if flying.
Back - Turns jet around if it is on the ground. Climbs if flying.
Right Button - Fires missile.


Programmer: John Van Ryzin


Game's ROM.