Ez2dancer SuperChina

Arcade Video game published 16 years ago by Amuse World

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Ez2dancer SuperChina © 2004 Amuse World Corp. [Seoul, Korea]

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This is a release for Chinese market.
"Ez2dancer SuperChina" modes:
- Easy: normal gameplay mode for beginners and performers. For each player, there are three directional arrows (top left, top right, bottom) and two sensors (left, right).
- Hard: the same as normal, except with a higher difficulty level.
- Club: the typical "double mode" - uses 6 step arrows and 4 sensors.
- Real: uses three arrows like normal mode, but the sensor bar is separated into two areas: top and bottom; thus, the player has four sensors (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right) to play with.

The Real mode is different from 2ndMove as 2ndMove uses courses. A set of songs is played and needs to be accomplished to complete the mission. Real mode is a normal mode where you need to finish the song to proceed with the next stage.
"Ez2dancer SuperChina" is said to be much more difficult in Real mode as it uses most of the sensors and the step arrows at the same time. Numerous jumps were also observed on Real mode.
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