Evolution - Dino Dudes [Model J9006]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Evolution - Dino Dudes [Model J9006] screenshot

Evolution - Dino Dudes © 1994 Atari Corp.

Congratulation on joining the species! Unfortunately, you're a little late, so you have to begin at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. But you won't be there for long - if you can manage to muscle your way to the top. Otherwise, your species won't survive long enough to come up with all those great inventions like rock'n roll video games and double cheeseburgers. Fortunately, you're not alone - you've got a tribe of fellow-morons to help, or hinder you.

Good luck, Dude! The future of mankind rests on you and your hairy teammates.


Model J9006


- There is often more than one way to solve a level; often when it seems necessary to sacrifice an additional Dino Dude, there is a way to avoid it.
- The dinosaurs are very distracted when they are eating a tasty tidbit, like a Dino Dude. While they are eating, a Dino Dude might not be noticed even while walking right next to a dinosaur.
- Some dinosaurs take a lot of hits to kill ...
- Sometimes an object hides in the scenery. For instance, if you need a rope or spear and do not have a witchdoctor, check all of the ledges you have access to one more time; a rope or spear might be lurking at the bottom of a ladder or in the bushes.
- Your pet dinosaur occasionally gets lost and you have to go find him. When this happens, you must pat him on the head and reassure him that everything's okay. You may have to follow him around for a short while before he calms down enough for this to be possible.
- On some upper levels, it is necessary to accomplish more than one goal. For instance, it might be necessary to kill a dinosaur and then walk on the Goal-Block, in that order.

* Infinite Time (at password screen):

* Infinite Dudes (at password screen):


Designed and Developed by Imagitec Design Inc.

Producers: John Skruch, Sean Patten
Associate Producer: Juli Wade
Programmer: Andrew Seed
Support Programmers: Trevor Raynsford, Martin Randall
Graphics: Tony Gascon, Pete Goldsmith, Shaun McClure, Ed Pearson, Dave Severn, Slick, Andy Walker
Music: Ian Howe
Sound Effects: Ted Tahquechi
Lead Tester: Hans Jacobsen
Also Tested by: Hank Cappa, Jeffrey Gatrall, Tom Gillen, Mark Hooley, Andrew Keim, Sean Patten, Andrew Seed, Joe Sousa, Ted Tahquechi, Faran Thomason, BJ West
Documentation: Hans Jacobsen


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