ESPN Extreme Games [Model SCUS-94503]

Sony PlayStation Game published 23 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. America

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ESPN Extreme Games © 1995 Sony Computer Ent. America.

Extreme Games, with its tough, uncompromising race/combat action has already earned itself legion of fans. Players can take to the streets and either compete in a single race or play a whole 'season' which sees them battling it out in 6 locations around the globe.

The most radical human-powered equipment is on offer, and the smart choice is governed by the terrain. There's a street luge, a set of roller blades, a skateboard and a mountain bike to pick from. Obstacles litter the course, from straightforward traffic to bales of hay and even chickens! The opposition try to hamper at every turn, and fierce fighting skills are a must in the quest for street-sport glory. Get out on the street and compete!


Game ID: SCUS-94503


Released on September 09, 1995 in USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "ESPN Extreme Games [Model SCES-00063]"
[JP] "ESPN Street Games [Model SIPS-60004]"


Lead Programmer: Mark Lyons
Programmers: Bob Gordon, David Brickhill
Lead Artist: Joe Brisbois
Artists: Emmanuel Valdez, Alesia Howard, Bert Huntsinger, Scott Atkins, Quinn Kaneko, Warren Atkins, Katie Roe
Sound: Rex Baca
Video: Joe Hight
Music: Wintermoon Music
Executive Producer: Christopher Whaley
Assistant Producer: Dennis Quinn
Tools Programming: Bill Long, Phillip Weeks
Marketing: Kelly Ryan, Craig Osrander, Peter Dille
Manual: T. S. Flanagan

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