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Esper Dream [Model KDS-ESP]

Nintendo Famicom disk published 37 years ago by Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

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Esper Dream [Model KDS-ESP] screenshot

エスパードリーム © 1987 Konami Industry Company, Limited.
(Esper Dream)

Esper Dream is a colorful adventure/action game. The mayor's daughter has been kidnapped by the evil baddy of the game and the villagers decide to talk to the elder for some advice. They all decide to contact a young boy from the human world and this by using a magic book. The boy seems to have some sort of super-natural powers and can travel to other worlds. As soon as they witness the boy's gift, they think it will be the only one capable to rescuing the poor girl. The game starts in the village and our hero can walk around, talk to people or enter houses. Five sort of bunkers give access to the different parts of the world: Giant Room, Crystal Land, Forest, Chess Land and the Stone Country. There, things get a bit more animated and group of monsters (symbolized by walking foot prints) wander around the scenery. If our hero touches any of them then the view zooms-in and a fight begins. Actually, not really. He can either defeat all the monsters and gain money, experience and so forth but also find the way out and run away. The fighting area is surrounded by walls and our hero can find and destroy the weak block which leads to freedom. Some groups of monsters block important passage ways and those can't be avoided.

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Esper Dream was released on February 20, 1987 in Japan for 2980 Yen.


Ver. 1.1
Ver. 1.0


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;