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Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 35 years ago by CRL Group PLC

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Endurance © 1985 CRL Group PLC.

In front of a packed grandstand twenty bikes and riders are lined up waiting for the last few minutes before the start to tick away. There lays before them a solid twenty four hours of racing through the afternoon and evening on into the darkness of the night and the chill of dawn. Even then the race will barely be half run, continuing until the afternoon of the following day. Your own team of two bikes is out there with the rest. For the next day your only concern will be the welfare of your riders and the maintenance of your machines.

Endurance motorcycle racing is a real team effort where success depends as much on the maintenance of the bikes during the many pit stops as on the racing ability of the riders. Re-fuelling is necessary about every hour, sometimes more frequently, and tyres and brakes will need replacing. Even a crash may not be terminal. If your rider can ride or push the bike back to the pits repairs can be carried out and lost time made up. Endurance gives you the chance to compete in the hard world of long distance bike racing, either on an individual race basis or for a full championship season which includes four shorter races and two full twenty four hour events and where points are allocated to each team and to the riders individually.


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