Eightman [Model NGM-025]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 33 years ago by SNK Corp.

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Eightman [Model NGM-025] screenshot

Eightman © 1991 SNK [Shin Nihon Kikaku].

A side-scrolling beat'em up / platform game.

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Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID: NGM-025

[SNK MVS Neo-Geo Controls]
2 Players - 4 buttons Per Player (3 usables).
=> [Joystick] 8-way, [A] Punch [B] Jump [C] Special Attack


Developed by Pallas, Eightman was released in September 1991 by SNK.

This game is based on a Japanese cartoon series from the 60s. The characters actually do not look exactly like the traditional Eightman. Nineman is Just a palette swapped Eightman.

In 2000, Taiyo System released a pachislot based on this video game, called "Eightman (Taiyo System)".


japan SNK Neo-Geo AES (nov.10, 1991; "Eightman [Model NGH-025]")
usa SNK Neo-Geo AES (nov.10, 1991; "Eightman [Model NGH-025]")


Game's ROM.
Machine's picture.