Eggsplode! & Short Order [Model NES-OR-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 29 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

Eggsplode! & Short Order [Model NES-OR-USA] screenshot

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Eggsplode! & Short Order © 1989 Nintendo of America.

Eggsplode! is Eggciting!
This hen-house will keep you hopping!
It's your job to protect the chickens.
The sly fox and his giggling friends are planting bombs in the hen house.
Quick! Jump on the Power pad to stop the Eggsplosion! But don't mistake an egg for a bomb or the chicken may give you a piece of her mind.
Eggstra good times are guaranteed!

Short Order Shenanigans!
Can you build a bigger burger?
Piggy, rabbit and mouse place their orders. Get hopping and see who can last the longest!
Keep their orders straight, match their steps and you'll make hamburgers as tall as a house!
It's an entertaining romp for kids with an appetite for fun!




Released in December 1989 in USA.

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