Earthworm Jim [Model SNS-AEJE-USA]

Nintendo Super NES Game published 24 years ago by Playmates Interactive

Earthworm Jim [Model SNS-AEJE-USA] screenshot

Emulated in MAME !
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Earthworm Jim © 1994 Playmates Interactive




Cheat Codes
Pause the game before entering these codes:
(Effect Code)
Ammo Refill A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X.
Debug Menu A+Left, B, X, A, A, B, X, A.
Extra Continue Y + X, B, Y, B, X, B, X, X.
Extra Life (infinite use) B+X, B, B, B, A, A, X, A.
Extra Life (once per stage) B, B, A, X+Y, B, A, A, A.
Infinite Energy Refills A+X, B, A, B, X, X, X, X.
Level Skip Select, B, X, A, A, X, B and Select.
Level Skip (Alternate) A, B, X, A, A+X, B+X, B+X, X+A.
Map View Mode A, X, A, X, A, A, A, A.
Nick Jones Code Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A, B.
One Time Only Extra Continue A, B, A, B, X, Y, X, Y
One-Time (per stage) Energy Refill A, B, X, Y, Y, X, B, A.
Plasma Power Up (Infinite Times) A+X, B, B, A, A, X, B, L+R.
Plasma Power Up (Once per stage) A, A, B+L, A, A, X, B+L, X.

Level Warp Codes
Press pause and then press:
(Effect Code)
Andy Asteroids L+A, A, R+A, A, B, B, X, B.
Buttville A, X, Left, Left, X+Y, Up, Down, Left.
Down The Tubes Up, Down, Left+Down, Left, Down, Down, Up+Left, Down.
For Pete's Sake A, B, X, A, B, X, A, B+R.
Level 5 A+B, B+X, X+Y, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Princess A+Left, X, X, X+B, X, A, X, A+Left.
Snot A Problem A, B, X, B, A, B, B, B+L.
What the Heck Y, X, Y, X, A, B, A, X.
Who Turned out the Light? A, B, Up+Y, Up+Y, Left, Right, Left, Right.

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