Duke Nukem - Time to Kill [Model SLUS-00583]

Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by GT Interactive

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Duke Nukem - Time to Kill © 1998 GT Interactive

Got a little time to kill? So does Duke. The greatest action hero in gaming is back in an all-new, revolutionary third-person frag-fest, exclusively for the PlayStation® game console. Rage through the ages as Duke annihilates ancient Rome, conquers the Dark Ages, and tames the Wild West, proving once more that the only good alien is a dead one!

With a colossal arsenal of high-tech, all-new weapons and more Nukem attitude and humor than ever before, Duke NukemTM: Time To KillTM gives you more of what you crave. More hard-core action! More exploration! More shooter mayhem! More of the King of Carnage!

* Experience the irreverent Nukem attitude up close and personal in dynamic 3rd person perspective for the first time.
* Shoot your way through 28 expansive and totally interactive levels set in painstakingly realistic 3D environments.
* Master a massive arsenal of weaponry and equipment including the Holy Hand-Grenade, Flamethrower, Jet-Pack and much more!
* Battle multitudes of horrific alien-scum as old enemies and totally new ones pour into the fray.
* Battle your friends with competitive 2-player split screen mode.

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Released on September 30, 1998 in the USA.

The game was rated M (Mature, it have content that may be suitable for ages 17 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Export releases:
[EU] "Duke Nukem - Time to Kill [Model SLES-01515/E]"

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GT Interactive Software, Corp.
Senior Producer: Dante Anderson
Marketing Director: Tony Kee
Product Manager: Martin Currie
Senior Test Lead: Thomas Zuccotti
Test Lead: Tim Hesse
Testers: Scott Donaldson, Randy Jones, Aaron Padilla, Joshua Galloway, Jeff Oviatt, James Dunn, Aaron Harris, Keith Moran, Mara'D Smith, Patrick McNeil, John Dearing, Doug Price, Jennifer Press, Patrick Stuhs
Manual Editor: Peter Witcher
Associate Producer: David Nottingham
Promotional Asst Producer: Atom Ellis
Executive Producer: Greg Williams
Director, Creative Services: Leslie Mills-DeMarco
Creative Director: Vic Merritt
Production Coordinator: Liz Fierro
Senior Designer: Michael Marrs
Graphic Designer: Jill Pomper
Director, Product Development Services: Mary Steer

n-Space Inc.
Lead Programmer: Chris Cammack
Team Programmers: Sean Purcell, Chris Otto, John Woznack, Kathleen Wilson
Black Arts: John M. Meyers
Game Designer: Ted Newman
Art Director: Bradley Weckman
Team Artists: Andy Paciga, W. Randy King, Jamie Gunter-Boulware, Michael Kappers, Daniel Vasallo
Producer: Dan O'Leary
Cinematic Artists: Carl Juliao, Scott Cook, Jak Fearon
Additional Art: Jason Eastman, Brad Acree, Ed Gavin, Christopher Stone, Meagan Carabetta
Additional Programming: Tom McClann
Sound Design & Audio Programming: Joe Abbati
Cinematic Scoring: Russell Lieblich, Atom Ellis
Original Duke Theme: Lee Jackson
Voice Talent: Jon St. John, Lani Minella, Pro-Motions Prod. Co.
Original Game Soundtrack: Jeff Mac
Executive Producer/Concept: Erick S. Dyke
Production Consultant: Scott Berfield
Huge Thanks For Creating Duke & Tossing Us The Keys: George Broussard, Scott Miller, 3D Realms
Another huge thanks: Ron Chaimowitz
Special Thanks: J & S Vending, Tony & DJ Billy, Flippers Pizza, Red Bull, Cheers I-Drive, Kisha from Boca, Ryan Martorelli
The Rest of n-Space Concept Art By: Mike Wilkan
Single Trac's Rogue Trip Demo Movie: Argonaut 3D Graphics, Benjamin Harris, Matthew Harrison, Steve Argyle
Extra Special Thanks: Clyde Grossman, Bob J., Chris G., Stew K.
Thanks for their patience: Trina, Tina, Cheryl, Lisa, Clay, Michelle
Special Thanks
Special Thanks: Holly Newman, Jamal Jennings, Richard Davis, Sarah Anderson, Alan Behr, Mary Gerardi, Jason Schreiber, Christopher H. Ziliotto, Maxwell Taylor, Mike Ryder, Heh-Kyu Sincock, Todd Steckbeck, Kathy Butters, George Broussard, Scott Miller, Rick Raymo


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