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DrumMania © 1999 Konami Company, Limited.

DrumMania is a game where colored notes travel down the screen which correspond with color coded parts of an electronic drum set. The player must hit the drum parts when the notes reach the bottom of the screen in order to fill in missing drum parts from a song.
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Konami Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware

Main CPU : R3000A 32 bit RISC processor, Clock - 33.8688MHz, Operating performance - 30 MIPS, Instruction Cache - 4KB
BUS : 132 MB/sec.
OS ROM : 512 Kilobytes
Additional Sound Chips : Playstation SPU, 24 Channels, 44.1KHz sample rate, PCM audio source, Digital effects include: Envelope, Looping, Digital Reverb, Load up to 512K of sampled waveforms, Supports MIDI Instruments.
Main RAM: 2 Megabytes
Video RAM: 2 Megabyte
Sound RAM : 512 Kilobytes
Graphical Processor : 360,000 polygons/sec, Sprite/BG drawing, Adjustable frame buffer, No line restriction, 4,000 8x8 pixel sprites with individual scaling and rotation, Simultaneous backgrounds (Parallax scrolling)
Sprite Effects : Rotation, Scaling up/down, Warping, Transparency, Fading, Priority, Vertical and horizontal line scroll
Resolution : 256x224 - 740x480
Colours : 16.7 million colors, Unlimited CLUTs (Color Look-Up Tables)
Other Features : custom geometry engine, custom polygon engine, MJPEG decoder


Released in July 1999 in Japan.

The game is also known as "Percussion Freaks".

Konami Music Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (DrumMania Original Soundtracks - KMCA-18) on 06/08/1999.


* Speed mode : hit |High Hat| |Snare| |High Hat| |High Hat| |Snare| |High Hat| |Bass| at the mode selection screen.

* Hidden mode : hit |High Tom| |Low Tom| |High Tom| |Low Tom| |High Tom| |Bass| at the mode selection screen.

* Mirror mode : hit |Snare| |Snare| |High Tom| |Low Tom| |High Tom| |Bass| at the mode selection screen.

* Expert Real difficulty : hit |High Hat| |High Hat| |Snare| |Snare| |High Tom| |Low Tom| |High Tom| |Low Tom| |Bass| |Bass| at the mode selection screen. Press Right at the Real difficulty setting.


1. DrumMania (1999)
2. DrumMania 2ndMIX (2000)
3. DrumMania 3rdMIX (2000)
4. DrumMania 4thMIX (2001)
5. DrumMania 5thMIX (2001)
6. DrumMania 6thMIX (2002)
7. DrumMania 7thMIX (2002)
8. DrumMania 8thMIX (2003)
9. DrumMania 9thMIX (2003)
10. DrumMania 10thMIX (2004)
11. DrumMania Kids Planet (2004)
12. DrumMania V (2005)
13. DrumMania V2 (2005)
14. DrumMania V3 (2006)
15. DrumMania V4 Rock√óRock (2007)
16. DrumMania V5 Rock to Infinity (2008)
17. DrumMania V6 Blazing!!!! (2009)
18. DrumMania XG (2010)
19. DrumMania V7 (2010)
20. DrumMania XG2 Groove to Live (2011)
21. DrumMania V8 (2011)
22. DrumMania XG3 (2012)
23. GITADORA [DrumMania] (2013)

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