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Dragon Warrior VII [Model SLUS-01206/01346]

Export Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Enix of America

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Dragon Warrior VII [Model SLUS-01206/01346] screenshot

Dragon Warrior VII © 2001 Enix of America.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Japanese version for more information about the game itself; "Dragon Quest VII - Eden no Senshitachi [Model SLPM-86500~1]".

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CD 1 ID: SLUS-01206
CD 2 ID: SLUS-01346


Released on November 01, 2001 in the USA.

The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Enix America, Inc. staff only.
Localization Manager: Mitsuru George Torii
Product Manager: John Laurence
Quality Assurance Lead: Jon Weisnewski
Copy Edit: Chris Chymiy, Dustin Brown, Doug Hill, Sean Peters, Mike Tidwell
QA Translation: Masanobu Yoshida, Katsuko Bandur, Hisayo Tomiyama, Miki Yasui Marr
Play Testers: Zeb Clinton, Shawn Conard, T. J. Cowgill, Bryce Felt, Matthew A. Gillikin, Eric Ho, John Holes, Eric Junge, Ed Price, Jerry Pritchard, David Rieman, Dylan Sharp, Tom Shultz Jr.
Sales & Marketing Manager: Andrew Stein
Accounting & Credit Manager: Misuzu McMillan
A/R Analyst: Yuri Kato
Administrative Assistant: Emi Coughlin
President : Paul Handelman

Translation (Wordbox Inc.): Lucie Ishii, Hiroko Yoda, Jeff Gelbard, Wayne Lammers, Matt Alt, Jeremy Blaustein, Ryan Morris


Game's CD.