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List of sound playables on this page (29 files):

01 story of dragon saber (opening 1).vgz
02 credit.vgz
03 opening visual (opening 2).vgz
04 submerged city (stage 1).vgz
05 boss a (boss 1).vgz
06 volcano (stage 2).vgz
07 boss b (boss 2).vgz
08 fossil (stage 3).vgz
09 waste land (stage 4).vgz
10 woody (boss 3).vgz
11 canyon (stage 5).vgz
12 ice cave (stage 6).vgz
13 continue.vgz
14 name ranking a.vgz
15 devildom (stage 7).vgz
16 dragon zombie (boss 4).vgz
17 dark (stage 8).vgz
18 ultima (stage 9).vgz
19 chaos (final boss).vgz
20 ending.vgz
21 name ranking b.vgz
22 the paleozoic era (hidden stage 1).vgz
23 volcano (hidden stage 2).vgz
24 cave road (hidden stage 3).vgz
25 jungle (hidden stage 4).vgz
26 grave yard (hidden stage 5).vgz
27 glacier land (hidden stage 6).vgz
28 hidden ending.vgz
29 hidden name ranking.vgz