Dragon Fighter [Model NES-1D-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 27 years ago by SOFEL

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Dragon Fighter © 1992 Sofel Corporation.

North american release. Game developed in Japan. See the original "Dragon Fighter [Model TCC-1D]" for more information.

Description from the back cover:

It is a dark and disastrous time for the good people of the peaceful kingdom of Baljing. Zabbaong, a vicious and jealous warlock, has unleashed his evil hordes upon the land, ransacking and pillaging everything in their path. The country is in ruins and the people despair. However, a brave warrior has been summoned by Baljing's protector, the Dragon Spirit, to battle Zabbaong's evil armies and bring peace once again to the land. Engage the enemy as a valiant gladiator with an onslaught of muscle and steel, or do battle in the air, as you become a fierce and formidable dragon. You'll encounter everything from robots and giant centipedes to monstrous sea serpents, as you guide this courageous warrior and his dragon alter ego through the six stages of Zabbaong's sinister henchmen and make your way to the final encounter with the wicked sorceror himself! All the good people of Baljing are counting on you!




Released in January 1992 in the USA.

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