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Dragon Ball - Dai Maou Fukkatsu

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 36 years ago by Bandai Co., Ltd.

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Dragon Ball - Dai Maou Fukkatsu screenshot

ドラゴンボール大魔王復活 © 1988 Bandai.
(Dragon Ball - Dai Maou Fukkatsu)

A board game with battle cards. The game takes place during the Piccolo Daimao arc. The battle card games are a hybrid of role playing games, board games and trading cards. The players move around a game board and encounter characters on the way. Some characters offer information and others need to be battled. The outcome of each fight is determined by the randomly generated hand of cards players and the opponent are dealt. The player flips over cards in a certain order, and their actions are shown in an animated battle that lasts until one of the characters is defeated.

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BARCODE: T4902425 24108 1


Released on August 12, 1988 in Japan. It was never exported outside Japan. The game topped the Japanese sales charts in August 1988, and again in September and October 1988.

The subtitle of this game translates from Japanese as Great Demon King's Revival.

It was one of the first games to have a board game, which included battles using cards.

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