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List of songs playables on this page:

01 title.vgz02 takurou room 1.vgz03 takurou room 2.vgz04 takurou room 3.vgz05 tarou theme.vgz06 ako theme.vgz07 chiharu theme.vgz08 hiromi theme.vgz09 kaori theme.vgz10 kurumi theme.vgz11 mai theme.vgz12 mako theme.vgz13 miho theme.vgz14 misa theme.vgz15 natsuko theme.vgz16 reiko theme.vgz17 satomi theme.vgz18 yayoi theme.vgz19 teacher yoshiko theme.vgz20 h scene 1.vgz21 h scene 1.vgz22 h scene 2.vgz23 h scene 4.vgz24 panic!.vgz25 old woman fortune teller.vgz26 old man fourth dimension.vgz27 haunted house.vgz28 town moving theme.vgz29 inside school theme.vgz30 amusement park with natsuko.vgz31 amusement park theme.vgz32 quiz brothers.vgz33 august 31 theme.vgz34 date in yabuki park.vgz35 bar.vgz36 graduation scene.vgz37 after h.vgz38 se confession sucess.vgz39 confession sucess.vgz40 confession friend.vgz41 se confession failure 3.vgz42 se confession failure 4.vgz43 confession failure.vgz44 ending.vgz45 piano.vgz46 violin.vgz