Double Dunk [Model CX26159]

Atari 2600 cart. published 34 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Double Dunk © 1989 Atari, Corporation.

Two teams, with two players (Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside) on each team, compete in this basketball game. You control your players with the controller. If your team has the ball, your controller moves the player who has the ball. If the other team has the ball, your controller moves your player who is guarding the man with the ball (the player with his hands raised).

The two players of each team have different playing skills. Mr. Inside (the bigger player) is great at rebounding and blocking shots, can dunk his shots easier, and sets picks for Mr. Outside. Mr. Outside (the smaller player) is adept at stealing the ball and is great at making long shots.

One of the most effective plays is the pick play. The purpose of a pick play is to get both defensive players hung up on the offensive Mr. Inside, allowing the offensive Mr. Outside to get an open shot. The defensive team can anticipate a pick play by selecting the lower left or lower right position on the controller during play selection. This allows the defensive Mr. Inside to pick up coverage on the offensive Mr. Outside because the defensive Mr. Outside is hung up on the offensive Mr. Inside.

Choose your offensive or defensive play before the ball is put in motion. After a score or a turnover, select your offensive or defensive play. (You don't get to select a play after a defensive foul, rebound, or a steal.) OFF and DEF flash at the bottom of the screen until you choose your offensive or defensive play. To select your play, move the controller into the appropriate position and press the fire button.

Once the ball is in play, use the controller to move your players. When your team is on the offense, press the controller fire button once to start the next part of your selected play. If you pull the controller handle back and press the fire button while the ball is in play, the player with the ball will ignore the play and start a jump shot. When the player jumps, press the fire button a second time and the player shoots the ball.

If a player is very close to the basket when he shoots, he will dunk the ball. After an opponent misses a shot and you get the rebound, you must clear the ball by moving your player until both feet are behind the 3-point line before you can shoot for a basket.

If your team is on defense, you can either attempt to steal the ball or jump to block a shot. To attempt a steal, press the fire button while your defensive player is close to the ball carrier. Make sure the ball carrier is dribbling when the attempt is made.

To block a shot, wait until the ball carrier jumps for the shot. Time your own jump to most effectively block the shot.


Model CX26159


You can get the designer's initials to show up on the statistics screen if you score 199 points against the computer. When the game ends, it will display: Design by MLH.

Export releases:
PAL "Double Dunk [Model CX26159P]"

You score 2 points for each successful shot. If you select the 3-point shot option, you score 3 points for successful shots made from the 3-point shot area. Shots from the foul line after a defensive foul are worth 1 point each.

* Keep your opponent off guard by varying your selection of plays.

* If the defense has your play covered, remember that you can make the player with the ball shoot at any time.

* Shoot at the basket when your player is jumping up. Don't shoot as your player is coming down from a jump. If you wait to shoot, chances are you won't make the basket.

* Be careful to stay inbounds when rebounding.

* Time your blocks for successful interceptions.

* When rebounding, there's no foul called for goal tending.


Programmer: Matthew Hubbard


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