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Double Dragon [Model AM-050]

Atari 7800 cart. published 35 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Double Dragon [Model AM-050] screenshot

Double Dragon © 1989 Activision

Twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee learned to fight the hard way -- for survival in the unforgiving city streets. Their brand of combat -- classic martial arts maneuvers mixed with anything-goes street brawling -- has turned them into walking lethal weapons.

Now, the Lees must summon all their fighting abilities and cunning into meeting the greatest challenge of their lives -- rescuing Billy's girlfriend, Marion. She's been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, the savage street gang led by the mysterious Shadow Boss.

The twins pursue the Black Warriors through the city streets and its outskirts. Finally they fight their way into the Secret Enemy Base. There, Billy and Jimmy meet the Shadow Boss. It's a battle to the finish, with Marion as the prize!

Goodies for Double Dragon [Model AM-050]
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Model AM-050

Punch 50
Kick 100
Elbow 180
Jump Kick 100
Reverse Jump Kick 200 points
Head Butt 200
Bat 200
Whip 200
Knife 500

* You can't drop your weapon, but it can be taken away from you during the heat of battle. Keep your distance while slugging it out.

* Don't squander your lives early on! You'll definitely need all your strength once you're locked in battle with the Shadow Boss.

* Keep an eye on the timer. If your time runs out before you polish off your opponent, you lose a life. If it's your last life, the game is over.


Developed by Imagineering, Inc.

Directed by: Alex DeMeo
Programmed by: Tommy Han
Artwork by: Jesse Kapili
Audio by: Alex DeMeo
Produced by: Perry Rodgers
Product testing by Steve Imes, Garry Barth, Mike Norton
Product management by: John Crompton
Player's Guide by: Hunter Cone


Game's ROM.