Doom [Model J9029E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 28 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Doom [Model J9029E] screenshot

Doom © 1995 Atari Corp.

Mars, and the gateways between its two moons, Phobos and Deimos, has been the site of inter-dimensional space travel testing. Recently, however, these passageways have become dangerously unstable. Experiments using human guinea pigs have met with tragic results. Something evil has been exiting the gateways.

As the only combat-ready assault troops within 50 million miles of Earth, you've been ordered, along with your buddies, to Phobos. You arrive and are assigned to secure the perimeter of the base while the other marines go inside.

From outside the base you hear the carnage: guns firing, men screaming, bones cracking... then silence. Suddenly you're the last galactic marine alive, thrust into a bloody, gore-ridden underworld. Packing everything from chain saws to rocket launchers, it's up to you to annihilate Imps, Lost Souls, dead Marines, Barons of Hell... and ultimately avenge the brutal slaughter of your men.


Game ID: J9029E

Used a 4MB cartridge.

Graphics were rendered in 65k CRY color (aka 16-bit shaded color, as opposed to 256/8-bit color of the PC)

Is one of the few games in the Jaguar library that supports linked console play. Users must have an appropriate Jaguar linking device (JagLink, Catbox), an RJ-11 phone cable, two Jaguars, and two copies of Doom.


Mainly coded by John Carmack. He discussed many technical aspects of the game and the Jaguar itself in the June 1994 issue of Edge Magazine.

[FR] April 1995, Consoles + N.42: 96/100

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* God Mode = Pause, * + Pause

* Very Happy Ammo Mode = Pause, '#' + Pause (all keys, weapons, ammo, armor, and health)

* Level Select = Pause, [level '#'] + Pause (A button adds 10, B adds 20)

* When playing in Network/Linked mode, the game is prone to "Network Errors," which causes a small crash, and kicks players back to the level select. To minimize such errors, try different phone cables (the more shielding and shorter the length, the better); crashes also occur more frequently on larger maps. It is also not recommended to use the Automap, as this slows the game down considerably for both users.


ID Software
Biz Guy: Jay Wilbur
Biz Assistant: Donna Jackson
Programmers: John Carmack, John Romero, Dave Taylor, Shawn Green
Artists: Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud
Level Design: Sandy Peterson, American McGee, John Romero
Levels Converted For Jaguar: American McGee
Testing and Support: Shawn Green, American McGee
Special Thanks To: Composer: Robert Prince

Atari Production Team
Producer: Bill Rehbock
Tech Support: Normen Kowalewski
Lead Tester: Joe Sousa
Play Testing: Joe Sousa, Hank Cappa, Tal Funke-Bilu, Tom Gillen, Scott Hunter, Andrew Keim, Dan McNamee, Martin Mueller, Ted Tahquechi


Game's review.
Game's manual
June 1994 interview with John Carmack in Edge Magazine: https://steemit.com/gaming/@alexbeyman/john-carmack-s-thoughts-on-the-atari-jaguar