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Doodle Bug [Model 390]

Pinball published 53 years ago by Williams Mfg. Co.

Not listed in MAME yet

Doodle Bug © 1971 Williams.

Doodlebug is a configurable (add-a-ball or replay) game with a unique mechanism that sometimes makes a 'captive' pinball bash back and forth several times per second in a slot beneath a playfield window, scoring points with the strategy is therefore :
1. Advance the doodlebug value as high as possible
2. Start the doodlebug going (by hitting a target in the center of the playfield)
3. 'Juggle' the pinball to keep it in play without stopping the bug each lap. The tricky part is, almost anything the regular pinball hits will stop the "bug". The doodlebug starts off at 10 points per lap, but hitting 4 targets in order multiplies this by 10 (up to 10,000!).


Model Number : 390


Released in March 1971. Also released as a 4-player version called "Dipsy Doodle".


Design by : Norm Clark
Art by : Christian Marche


Machine's picture (bossyman15)
Collector's Guide to Vintage Coin Machines - Richard M. Bueschel - Page 107