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Donkey Kong Jr. [Model NES-JR-USA]

Export Nintendo NES cart. published 41 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Donkey Kong Jr. [Model NES-JR-USA] screenshot

Donkey Kong Jr. © 1983 Nintendo.

North American release. Game Developed in Japan. For more information abou the game itself, please see the original Japanese version release entry; "Donkey Kong Jr. [Model HVC-JR]".

Text from this version:
Can Donkey Kong Jr. save his papa from Mario's prison?
Mario has gone mad! He's turned the tables on Donkey Kong and locked him in a cage. It's up to you, as Donkey Kong Jr., to rescue your father by stealing Mario's set of keys. But it won't be easy. You'll have to fight off ape-eating Snapjaws, jump onto moving islands and break through a jungle of vines to get to the keys that will free Donkey Kong. Can you handle the action? Because this off-the-wall monkey business will have you going bananas!

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Donkey Kong Jr. for NES was released in June 1986 in USA.

Re-released in October 1988 as part of "Donkey Kong Classics [Model NES-DJ-USA]".


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] usa (dec.4, 2006) [Model FABE]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] usa (apr.26, 2013) [Model FAWE]

usa Nintendo GBA (sept.16, 2002) "Donkey Kong Jr. [e-Reader Series] [Model PES-JRA1]"
Nintendo 3DS [Virtual Console] usa (sept.1, 2011) [3DS Ambassador Program]
Nintendo 3DS [Virtual Console] usa (june.14, 2012) [Model TAKE]


Game's ROM.