Donald Duck's Speedboat [Model CX26108]

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Donald Duck's Speedboat [Model CX26108] screenshot

Donald Duck's Speedboat © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

A racing game where you must help Donald Duck maneuver his speedboat through an obstacle course of deadly rocks, dangerous whirl pools, and other water hazards as fast as possible. Depending on how quickly you finish the race your nephews will award you either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold cup. While the concept may sound simple, the gameplay and challenge are outstanding. Winning the gold requires blasting through board after board of obstacles at breakneck speeds, and even one error will end your gold cup dream.


Model CX26108


Unreleased prototype. Originally called Donald Duck's Regatta.

Donald Duck's Speedboat was ready for release before being cancelled for reasons unknown. It was cancelled so late in fact that a prototype box and several screenshots had already been shown in European 2600 catalogs. Speculation is that the Children's line-up wasn't selling as well as Atari had hoped, and they pulled the plug on the whole operation.

In another strange twist the Brazilian company Polyvox may have actually licensed and released the Donald Duck complete with an official looking silver label (instead of the normal Disney blue).


Programmer: Suki Lee


Game's ROM.