Disney Pirates of the Caribbean

Pinball published 16 years ago by Stern Pinball, Inc.

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean © 2006 Stern Pinball.


Stern S.A.M. System

Main CPU : Atmel AT91


Based on the hit movie, starring Johnny Depp.


POTC V4.00 - April 27, 2007
- Replaced changes 3.0 undid from 2.0
- Added small flasher effects for the JACK ramp.
SYS 1.25
- fixed the extra ball crash bug.
- fixed multiball decvice problem, trough will no longer appear dead or cause endless multiballs.

POTC V3.00 - April 13, 2007
SYS 1.24
- changed ticket notch to be active closed.

POTC V2.00 - April 11, 2007
SYS 1.23
- Fixed the way the ticket notch switch responds.
- Added a Davy Jones Champion.
- Added the base bonus value to the end of ball bonus display effect.
- Added blow off of bonus with both flippers.
- Added new boarder for ball saved screen.
- Fixed the broadside speech and in general cleaned it up.
- Fixed the 'Cheated speech' and made it easier to hear.
- Made the base bonus scores larger and non-linear.
- Reduced the scores for Davy Jones.

POTC V1.15 - November 15, 2006
SYS 1.17
- Fixed Tortuga lock staying lit post Tortuga Multiball.
- Fixed Port Royal compass lamp not lighting from Liars Dice.
- Added Door open Ball Save adjustment.
- Added Instant Info # of shots to sink next ship
- Added Instant Info current PARLAY letters
- Added Instant Info current jackpot value
- Added Instant Info current Heart super jackpot value
- Added Instant Info Heart letters

POTC V1.14 - October 11, 2006
SYS 1.16
- Fixed a super skill shot restarting bug.
- Beta brite support was added for the tournament system.

POTC V1.13 - September 19, 2006
SYS 1.15
- Fixed the flipper EOS coil fire timing
- Added a super skill shot and a super duper skill shot
- Tournaments will continue to run if the game is turned off. This was introduced in v1.09

POTC V1.12 - August 24, 2006
SYS 1.14
- Fixed some tranlation misspellings.
- Fixed Time Lock lamp was staying lit after time lock ended from draing the ball.

POTC V1.11 - August 17, 2006
SYS 1.14
- Fix some foreign language misspellings.

POTC V1.10 - August 10, 2006
SYS 1.13
- Canada - English/French selection now available.
- Fix overlapping text in sound text.

POTC V1.09 - August 8, 2006
SYS 1.13
- ADDED - French translations.
- ADDED - German translations.
- ADDED - Italian translations.
- FIX - Coin switch denounce will not give extra credits at power-off.
- FIX - Ship will always sink during the game.
- FIX - Tortuga, time lock, Port Royal lamps will now be in the correct states all the time.
- Lowered the priority of the walk the plan sounds.
- Tweaked the "sink ship" boat effect
- Tweaked the "sink ship" lamp effect
- Made the game over music last longer
- Added sound to sinking ship sequence.
- Tweaked when the JACK monkey sounds occur.
- Added a Davy Jones defeated Lamp effect.
- Added more defeated Davy Jones sounds.
- Added a timer to Collect Crew BG Display effect.
- Added NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST to the Four Winds BG display effect.

POTC V1.08 - Thursday July 27, 2006
SYS 1.12
- Fixed some 4 winds score initialized for the nth 4 winds past the first one.
- Made Liars Dice be deterministic if in competition mode.
- Reset Jackpot values back to 1 million at the start of each ball if needed.
- The player will be spotted a plunder lamp if a ball exits with no targets hit.
- Tweaked the start of Battle Kraken or Fight Davy Jones speech timing.
- Cleaned up the choreography for defeating Davy Jones.
- Added Burn-in for the ship and plunder Disk.
- Improved dedicated switch scanning.
- Added HSTD feature so you don’t have to enter initials twice as a player.
- Made Four Winds pick up where you left off on 2nd plus four winds in a game.
- Fixed pop-bumper hits are no longer awarded during Four Winds.
- Gauntlet now mask out all the lamps.
- Removed the bell sound from the start of four winds.

POTC V1.07 - Wednesday July 26, 2006
SYS 1.12
- FIX - The Davy Jones Total was not being calculated correctly and now is.
- Fixed the appearance of the Gauntlet initials screens.
- Added new sounds for jackpot grows.
- Increased the pulse on the chest pin to help with edge cases.
- Tweaked some Kraken Speech.
- Reduced the max plunder target hits per plunder lamp movement.
- Reduced how hard Davy Jones is to defeat after you have defeated him. He was getting too hard to defeat.
- Made Big points be 500k or Jackpot-value which ever is greater.
- Rum Combo scores that were 2X or 3x were not being displayed correctly.
- Added a sound to the kick out of the top VUK.
- The correct sound plays now when the sails fall from Liars Dice.
- Attract mode tournament Messages after an update of code will now look correct.
- Added a sound to the top of the Ball Saved display effect..
- Added 'Yo ho yo ho and a bottle...' to the flipper sounds if '15 men...' was first.
- Made the Heart MB is lit background lamps blink slower.
- Tweaked the timing of some captain speech.
- Changed the order of the rum combo ramp speech.
- Stopped PARLAY letters during multiball.
- Raised the score values and Max for hitting the ship.

POTC V1.06 - Tuesday July 25, 2006
SYS 1.12
- FIX : Some game state flags were not getting reset correctly. The singing at the beginning and the liars Dice being 2 examples.

POTC V1.05 - Tuesday July 25, 2006
SYS 1.12
- FIX : 4 winds starts correctly. This problem was created in V1.04
- Sounds, Speech, and music were tweaked for some volume level other issues.
- Made language selection toggle to English and back.
- Canada language selection factory to off.
- Lowered the max value for kraken super-pops.
- Made Parley easier the first time. Since a post now makes it harder to go in hole.

POTC V1.04 - Monday July 24, 2006
SYS 1.12
- FIX : Heart Multiball Super Jackpot now awards during the grace period.
- FIX : Four Winds total now displays the correct amount.
- FIX : Bonus Multiplier Held now works correctly.
- Held off the start of the 'yo ho' music till the kraken super jackpot ends.
- Held off the start of the 'Kraken Battle' and 'Fight Davy' music till the kraken super jackpot ends.
- Added some translated text.
- Increased the maximum Bonus to 30X.
- Added lane change to the top lanes.
- Changed council scoring to be higher.
- The ship will now go to the correct state after diagnostics.
- Game over flipper speech will only play after the game over music ends.
- Increased the length of time Instant Info last per frame.
- Adjusted the order of the game audits.
- Only the first captain will delay the ball when the ship is hit.
- The HEART lights are now reset at the end of heart multiball.
- Held scores up longer at game over if there is more than 1 player.
- Balanced the Top Lanes scores some.
- Made left orbit awards not happen if ball came from Disk
- Lighting Time lock during Tortuga Multiball will no longer stop the disk or pin.
- 4 Winds and Gauntlet will now restart themselves if they add-a-ball during grace.
- Shooting Four Winds during grace will no longer start the four winds hurry up.
- The center and right top lane audits now chalk correctly.

POTC V1.03 - Tuesday July 18, 2006
Initial Release, English and Spanish


Designers : Dennis Nordman, Dwight Sullivan (XAQ)
Playfield : Dennis Nordman
Artwork : Kevin O'Connor
Software : Dwight Sullivan
Dot Art : Mark Galvez
Dot Software : Lonnie D. Ropp
Mechanics : Ray Tanzer, John Rotharmel, Rob Blakeman, Oleg Korepanov, Mike Redoble
Music and Sounds : David D. Thiel
Front Man : Marc Schoenberg
Operating System : Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Super Wizard Mode : Keith P. Johnson
Development Help : Phillis, Sheridan Oursler, Eran Marco
Testing : Joe Blackwell, Chas Siddiqi, Pat Powers
Owner : Gary Stern
Very Special Thanks : Anna Sullivan, David Sullivan, James Sullivan


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