Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop [Model PA2077]

Atari Lynx cart. published 29 years ago by Atari

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Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop © 1992 Atari Corp.

Have a Nice Day, Punk!
Dirty Larry, the toughest cop in town, is in trouble again. Not only did he just smash up his third police car of the week, but the judge has released one of Steelburg's worst criminals because Larry failed to follow correct procedure when he arrested him. So Larry must get back on the job--this time on foot. Now that Dirty Larry is on the street without the protection of a car, the punks are out in full force. Dirty Larry doesn’t mind. As the gang members attack, he simply blows them away. But how long can he survive the onslaught

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Model PA2077


Dirty Larry must defeat many gang members. Each gang member he defeats earns the renegade cop a certain number of points, depending on that gang member's difficulty level. The list below shows how many points each bad guy is worth.
Arsonist: 200 points.
Biker Chick: 300 points.
Chopper: 400 points.
Gang Dude: 400 points.
Drug Dude: 500 points.
Bat Dude: 700 points.
Rasta Dude: 700 points.
Bad Cop: 900 points.
Dr. Current: 1800 points.
Mr. White: 2500 points.
Mr. Big: 3500 points.


Dirty Larry can smell scum from a mile away. Anticipate bad guys.

Dirty Larry can sometimes shoot a gang member before the bad guy appears on the screen.

Conserve your ammo. If you run out, it’s very difficult to survive.

Besides, the lead is better off in a crook than in a brick wall or a fire hydrant.

If you defeat an enemy at the edge of the screen, a health or ammo icon may appear at the very edge. These are sometimes hard to see, but you can still jump at them and pick them up. Don’t miss your chance.

Watch the street in front of you. Watch the street behind you.

Stay out of the way of speeding motorcycles. They don’t call them 'choppers' for nothing


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