Dirty Harry

Slot Machine published 16 years ago by WMS Gaming, Inc.

Dirty Harry screenshot

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Dirty Harry © 2005 WMS Gaming.


Stand Alone available as a 15 line game with a max bet of 76, nickel only.

WAP available as a 15 line game with a max bet of 46 coins, nickel only.


Scatter Bonus and Scatter Jackpot : Players qualify for the Scatter Progressive and Scatter bonus by betting 1 additional credit on any spin when max-lines are played. The player presses the 15-Lines + 1 Credit button to activate the feature or the 'Scatter Progressive' button to activate this feature and start the game.
5 Scattered [Progressive] symbols award the Scatter Progressive. 3 or 4 Scattered [Progressive] symbols awards a Scatter Bonus. To play the bonus, the player chooses one of the symbols to receive a credit award.

Make My Day Bonus : 3 or more Make My Day symbols on a payline trigger the Make My Day bonus. The pair of dice in the top box rolls, and the player moves along the trail on the top box the number of spaces indicated by the dice. The player either lands on a credit amount, a Restart square, which places the player back at the beginning of the trail, or a Make My Day square. If the player lands on the Make My Day square, the player selects from a grid of light flashers to reveal a criminal, which awards the player a credit amount. Play continues until the player lands on or passes the End square on the trail.

Do You Feel Lucky Bonus : 3 or more scattered Do You Feel Lucky symbols trigger the Do You Feel Lucky Bonus. The player is awarded 7, 10 or 15 free spins, dependant upon whether the bonus is triggered with 3, 4 or 5 symbols, respectively. When a spin lands on a winning combination, the player has the option to take the credits, or to press the I Feel Lucky button. If the I Feel Lucky button is pressed, the player selects one of 7 triangles, which can multiply the win by up to 10X, or reduce the win to one half.

Mystery Shot Bonus : 3 or more Mystery Shot symbols on a payline trigger the Mystery Shot bonus. The player makes a selection to change the Mystery Shot winning combination into one of the other winning combinations on the reels.