Dimo's Quest [Model 810 0166]

Phillips CD-i disc published 27 years ago by Vision Factory, The

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Dimo's Quest © 1994 The Vision Factory.

So you call yourself a real game freak, do you? Go ahead then, sharpen up those steel nerves, fine-tune your incredible reflexes and get to show just how cool you really are. For in this heroic game you will face countless challenges... Become Dimo and find your way through 51 levels of full action and adventure!


Model 810 0166


Export releases:
[US] "Dimo's Quest [Model 310690063-2]"


* since 1.07
call to _mix_out moved from poll_music to sysproc
set aud.mode to SYSMODE while mixing

* since 1.06
readtoc moved to loader
bumper is centered
no white pixel anymore
in game button 1 and 2
catcher not included
cd-i ready disc
cheat mode removed

* since 1.05
more free memory.
now uses cdi_loader to start applications.
the vision factory leader included.
mix_muscnt now cleared in mix_start.
uses the new sysproc routines.

* since 1.04
Catcher 0.51 included.
Linked without cio.
Using 4 pcls and looping for the sound mixing.
mix_vbl is called from the event_handler.
mix_out is called in poll_music.


Programming by: Arjen Wagenaar
Graphics by: Luke Verhulst
Game graphics and design by: Infernal Bytes Germany, Eclipse
Music by: Joris de Man


Game's ROM.