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Dime City

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 29 years ago by Starbyte Soft.

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Dime City © 1995 Starbyte Soft.

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BARCODE: 4 015766 000511


Producer: Brigitte Kraft
Concept: Klaus-Jürgen Kraft, Christian Labek, Carsten Wieland
Design & Graphics: Stefan Frank, Carsten Wieland
Programming (Cyberdyne Systems): Christian Labek, Norman Neubert, Marcus Thoss
Sound Producer by DEDI.
Sound System by Junglevision Software.
Production by Stelter Studios.
Texts: Klaus Werdinski, Heike Wieland
Title Screen Graphics: Carsten Wieland
Playtesting: Petra Bull, Steffan Greulich, Markus Kraft, Axel Plinge
Product Manager: Klaus-Jürgen Kraft
General MIDI timbres for Yamaha OPL-2 and OPL-3-based sound cards were...
... produced by: George Alistair Sanger
... developed by: K. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger


Game's disc.