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Dig Dug [Model CX5211]

Atari 5200 cart. published 36 years ago by Atari, Inc.

Dig Dug [Model CX5211] screenshot

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Dig Dug © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

Keep Dig Dug alive on his quest for points and vegetable treasures. You'll score points for digging as well as finding treasure. But beware of Pooka, the renegade balloon, and Fygar, the fire- breathing dragon. They'll stop you in your tracks if they catch you.

Earn points in DIG DUG four different ways: by tunneling through the dirt of the underworld, by blowing up Pooka or Fygar with your pump, by dropping rocks on top of Pooka and Fygar, or by eating the vegetables that appear in the middle of the screen.

At the start of the game you have three lives. You can also earn bonus lives; the first bonus life is earned at 10,000 points, the second bonus life at 40,000, and each following bonus life at 40,000 point intervals.

A round is completed when all monsters are killed or escape from the screen. The round is indicated by the number of flowers on the upper right of the screen. Each small flower represents one round; each large flower represents ten rounds.


Model CX5211


* Drop rocks on monsters by digging a long tunnel beneath a rock. Keep the rock from falling on you by keeping forward pressure on your joystick; when a monster runs close behind, turn away and let the rock fall.

* Use your pump to temporarily stun monsters, so you can lure more than one monster behind you. When you have a line of monsters chasing you, head for the nearest rock and drop it on them--fast!

* Bonus vegetables only will appear after two rocks have been dislodged, and will remain for only ten seconds. For maximum points, be sure to drop at least two rocks then grab the vegetable before moving to the next round.

* You'll score more points by popping a Fygar from the side, so use your pump to stun the dragon while you move to his side. Then finish pumping Fygar until he explodes.

* Fygar's deadly fire can reach you through a thin wall of dirt--so stay out of his way when he stops moving.

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