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Dig Dug Deeper

PC/MS-Windows CD published 23 years ago by Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

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Dig Dug Deeper © 2001 Infogrames Interactive, Incorporated.

Dig Dug Deeper is a 3-D remake of the arcade classic "Dig Dug" for PC's running Windows. All elements of the original game are present, but new elements have also been added.

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American version released on October 31, 2001 in the USA.
European version released on February 22, 2002 in Europe.

Unlike other titles in the Dig Dug series, this one was never released in Japan.

The game was rated E (Everyone, it have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


1. Dig Dug (1982, ARC)
2. Dig Dug II (1985, ARC)
3. Dig Dug Arrangement (1996, ARC): part of "Namco Classics Collection Vol.2"
4. Dig Dug Deeper (2001, PC)
5. Dig Dug Arrangement (2005, PSP): part of "Namco Museum Battle Collection"
6. Dig Dug - Digging Strike (2005, DS)


Producer: Andy Mazurek
Brand Manager: Matt Collins
Executive Producer: Bill LĂ©vay
Director of QA, North America: Michael Craighead
QA Certification Group Senior Manager: Kurt Boutin
QA Testing Managers: Randy Lee, Bill Carroll
QA Certification Lead: Tanya R. Emmert
Lead Tester: Anthony Calabresi
Testers: Timothy Burpee, Daniel Frisoli, Patrick Healey, Erik Maramaldi, Clif McClure, Michael Murphy, Scott York
Director of Marketing: Steve Arthur
Manager of Creative Services: Steve Martin
Manager of Editorial & Documentation Services: Elizabeth Mackney
Graphic Designer: Paul Anselmi
Documentation Writer: Randi Kravitz
Copywriter: Paul Collin
Special Thanks: Hiroaki Ochiai

Project Manager: Darren Thomas
Lead Programmer: Tim Closs
Programming Team: Ian Sweeny, Gary Buckley, Matthew Halpin
Art Team: Darren Thomas, Ruthine Burton, Oliver Dunn, Matthew Jeffrey, Colin Swinbourne
QA Manager: Paul Dobson
QA Team: David M. Carter, Peter Morrish
Producer: Piers Jackson
Development Director: Ian Saunter
Publishing Director: Howard Newmark
Sound Engineers: Bob & Barn Ltd.
Special Thanks: Mike Ball, Tameem Antoniades, Nina Kristensen


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