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Die Hard Trilogy [Model SLUS-00119]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Fox Interactive

Listed in MAME

Die Hard Trilogy © 1996 Fox Interactive.

Three incredible adventures - Once intense game. Run, shoot and Drive your way through all 3 Die Hard movies in one explosive arcade epic. With 3 different game types, and over 45 high impact levels, all you need to do is Play Hard, Die Hard !


Game ID: SLUS-00119


Released on August 31, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Die Hard Trilogy [Model SLES-00445]"
[JP] "Die Hard Trilogy [Model SLPS-00585]"

Goodies for Die Hard Trilogy [Model SLUS-00119]
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Lead Programmer: Simon Pick
DH2 Programmer: Simon Pick
DH2 Game Design: Simon Pick
DH3 Programmer: Simon Pick
DH3 Game Design: Simon Pick
Lead Artist: Dennis Gustafsson
Game Design: Dennis Gustafsson
DH1 Game Programming: Greg Modern
Artists: Paul Helman, Ben McGrath
3D World Modellers: James Duncan, Simon Harrison, Dave Kite
DH2 Mapping, Level Design: Matt Nagy
DH2 Original Game Design: Matt Nagy
DH3 Mapping, DH1 Level Design: Alec Prenter
DH3 Mapping, Level Design: Jon Gibson
DH2 Mapping, Texture Mapping: Russell Wark
DH1 Mapping: Olly Wood
DH3 Game Mapping: Kevin Watts
Texture Mapper, PolyJoiner: Andrew Cambridge
Texture Mapper, Attributing: Paul Collingwood
Texture Mapper: Vicky Cheale
Music Team: Stephen Root, Neil Palmer
Sound Effects: Stuart McDonald
FMV Team: Gary Noden, Jason MacDonald, Frances Castle, Paul Brierly, Charles Jackson
MoCap: Richard Hince, Olly Wood, Neil Maguire
Voice Actor Coordinator: Lani Minella
Producer: Michael Arkin
Producer (Probe): Darren Anderson
Executive Producer (Probe): Tony R. Porter
Special Thanks to: Terry Haynes, Greg Michael, Steve Middleton, Guy Mills, Peter Jones, Scott Marcus, Eric Samulski
QA Manager: Clifford Ramsey
Quality Control: Craig Kerrison, Michael Patrick, Nick McGee, Tom Geddes, Mark Viccary, Benedict O'Reilly, James Brown
Quality Control (FOX): Michael Dunn, Michael Schneider, Seth R. Roth
Quality Control Lead: Chris Miller
Utils: Bob Armour, John Croudy


Game's CD.