Dictator [Model DK 007]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 40 years ago by DK Tronics

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Dictator [Model DK 007] screenshot

Dictator © 1983 DK Tronics.

You have just become President of Ritimba, a small 'banana republic' somewhere vaguely equatorial. Like all previous presidents, of which there have been very very many, your position is unenviable. The instability of the country guarantees that your rule will be brief and you will end up either very dead or in exile.

Your main purpose, therefore, is to rule for as long as possible, during which time you need to siphon off into a Swiss bank account as much of your country's meagre treasury balance as possible, ready for your inevitable early retirement. You must, of course, manage to flee Ritimba at the appropriate time in order to enjoy your ill-gotten gains.


Game ID: DK 007


Written by: Don Priestley