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Dick Tracy [Model NES-3Y-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 34 years ago by Bandai America, Inc.

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Dick Tracy [Model NES-3Y-USA] screenshot

Dick Tracy © 1990 Bandai America.

Ace detective Dick Tracy pored over the crime files and mug shots that littered the desk in his dimly lit office down at police headquarters. "This crime wave has to be the work of Big Boy Caprice," he thought to himself. "I can smell his greasy handiwork behind each of these cases. But, I need to get some hard evidence on him. If only I can nab some of his hoods - Itchy, Flattop and the rest. I'd rearrange their thinking and have them singing like that nightclub temptress, Breathless Mahoney. Then I could put Caprice behind bars for good." Suddenly, Tracy's two-way wrist radio seized the detective's attention... "Calling Dick Tracy, calling Dick Tracy." He sprang to his feet and burst into the squad room shouting "O.K., boys, let's go. This could be our big break!"

Goodies for Dick Tracy [Model NES-3Y-USA]
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BARCODE: 0 45557 07270 4


Released in August 1990 in the USA.

Goodies for Dick Tracy [Model NES-3Y-USA]
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Programming: Mike Saunders
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Music Composer: George Alistair Sanger, David Hayes
Arranger: David Warhol


Game's ROM.