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Diamond Heist [Femme Felone]

Slot Machine published 9 years ago by Bally Tech., Inc.

Diamond Heist [Femme Felone] screenshot

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Diamond Heist [Femme Felone] © 2011 Bally Tech., Incorporated.

15 Reels, 50 Lines, 2500 Credits Max Bet.


Software Part Number: 20648

Houseable in the following cabinet:
Bally's "Alpha Elite V20": Game Kit # 172342
Bally's "Alpha Elite V20/20": Game Kit # 172346
Bally's "Alpha Elite V20 Chop Top": Game Kit # 172338
Bally's "CineVision": Game Kit # 172336
Bally's "Alpha Elite Jumbo Video": Game Kit # 172332
Bally's "Alpha 2 Pro V22/22": Game Kit # 178913
Bally's "Alpha 2 Pro V22/26 Slant": Game Kit # 175301


SMI #S0502637
Min/Max%: 85.25%/85.25%
Odds to Jackpot (1-credit bet): 15,057,226

SMI #S0502638
Min/Max%: 89.27%/89.27%
Odds to Jackpot (1-credit bet): 15,057,226

SMI #S0502639
Min/Max%: 91.04%/91.04%
Odds to Jackpot (1-credit bet): 13,257,531

SMI #S0502640
Min/Max%: 93.18%/93.18%
Odds to Jackpot (1-credit bet): 11,655,706

SMI #S0502641
Min/Max%: 95.04%/95.04%
Odds to Jackpot (1-credit bet): 11,655,706


Top Award: Triggered when the player receiving 11 or more scatter symbols
at once.

Big Feature will merge only the highest paying symbols. Free Spins are played on alternate reels and are played at the same line and bet as the triggering game. This Feature cannot be re-triggered. Occurs every 40 pulls per hit.

Overall Hit Frequency: 49.75%

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