Destruction Derby [Model SCES-00008]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Psygnosis

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Destruction Derby © 1995 Psygnosis, Ltd.

With no rules, no limits an no pit stopping, anything goes in this collision course of crumple zones, hit & run mayhem, and steel level slamming where wrecking your opponent's motor in ultra-realistic smashes and crashes is the name of the game. Take on the rigours of a full Championship season and pit your wits against a motley crew of psycho-waster racers such as the Suicide Squaddies, Skum and The Optician as you storm up the rankings from Rookie to Pro.
Reckon you can handle it?

Destruction Derby works with a serial link cable for two player head to head action.


Game ID: SCES-00008


Released in October 1995 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Destruction Derby [Model SCUS-94302]"
[JP] "Destruction Derby [Model SIPS-60001]"


Concept and Design: Martin Edmondson
Programming: Michael Troughton, Robert Troughton, Russell Lazzari, William Musson
Graphics and Textures: Phil Baxter
SG Modeling: Martin Edmondson
Link Handshaking: Andrew Bond
Memory Cards: Graeme Love
Music: Tim Swan
Fx: Tim Swan
Voice overs: Steve Cooke, Jessica Martin
Thanks for help with the sound fx: Macdonald Racing
Producer: Tony Parkes, Michelle Harris, Joanne Galvin
Digital Music Editing: Philip Morris
Quality Assurance: Jonathon Wild, Nevin Gaston, John Delaney, Paul Evason
Manual Text: Huw Thomas
Packaging: Peter Dyke
Manual Design: Peter Dyke