IBM PC/AT DOS 3.5in. disk. published 27 years ago by Interplay

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Descent © 1995 Interplay

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The game was originally titled Inferno and was to take place in space stations rather than mines.

If you used one of the cheat codes, you'd hear a female voice call you 'Cheater' in a mocking tone.


Original Concept: Michael Kulas, Matthew Toschlog
Programming: Mark Allender, Robert Huebner, Michael Kulas, John Slagel, Matthew Toschlog, Che-Yuan Wang
Graphics / 3D Programming: Adam Pletcher
Level/Scenario Design: Mark Allender, Mark Dinse, Chris O'Conner, Adam Pletcher, Che-Yuan Wang, Jasen Whiteside
Music: Ken Allen, Brian Luzietti, Larry Peacock, Leslie Spitzer, Jim Torres, Tim Wiles
Sound: Gregory R. Allen, Eric Brosius, Charles Deenen, Steve Lesh, Greg LoPiccolo, Michael Reagan
Executive Producer: Alan Pavlish
Producer: Jacob R. Buchert III
Writing / Dialogue / Story: Scott Bennie, Josh White
Playtesting: Dave Beedy, Bryan Diller, Mike Lake, Tim Skirvin
Quality Assurance: Jim Boone, Raphael Hernandez, Darren L. Monahan, Scott McKelvey, Brian McInerny, Matthew J. Norton, Robert Pardo, Lawrence Smith, Kirk Tome, John Werner
Series Production: Raphael Hernandez, William Church, Trevor Snowden (uncredited)
Special Thanks To: Eric Albers, Brad Ashmore, John Carmack, Don Fowler, Chris Green, Steve Hall, Charlie Kulas, Edward Lerner, Scott Miller, Paul Neurath, Bob Paleczny, Steve Setzler

Intro Sequence Texts: Adam Pletcher
Multiplayer Programming: John Slagel, Robert Huebner

Marketing: Jerry Luttrell, James Veevaert
Box Design: Jerry Luttrell, James Veevaert
Manual Design and Layout: MHM, Ulises Gerardo
Manual Texts: Parallax, Zina Powers, Raphael Hernandez
Sound Effects: SoundDelux
Audio Technology: Human Machine Interfaces Inc.
Voice Directing: Michael McConnohie
Voice Editing: Craig Duman, Chris Borders
Sound Effects Lead: Charles Deenen, Jacob R. Buchert III
Audio Direction: Charles Deenen
Additional 3D Graphics: Michael J. Sherak

QA Lead: Jeremy S. Barnes
Test Lead: Jason G. Suinn
Tests: Steve Pendelton, Timothy Mendivil-Knapp


Game's disc.