Demolition Man

Pinball published 30 years ago by Williams Electronics Games, Inc.

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Demolition Man © 1994 Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated.


Williams WPC (DCS)
Model Number : 50028

Main CPU : Motorola M6809 (@ 2 MHz)
Sound CPU : ADSP2105 (@ 10 MHz)
Sound chip : DMA-driven DAC


Released in April 1994. 7,019 units were produced. This game was part of WMS' SuperPin series.

Based on the 1993 movie, starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes; Stallone and Snipes provide custom speech for this game.

Doug Watson had serious difficulty creating the backglass because the movie production team kept rejecting his designs. He eventually discovered that the rejections were coming from Wesley Snipes, who wanted to ensure he did not look like a crazed character on the backglass because he was concerned about his upcoming career in Hollywood. Because of this, the final backglass is much simpler than early designs, and all 3 characters were given 'mathematically equal' backglass coverage, with 'handsome' features.

The 8th AcMag award is an exploding cow.

A cow can be seen on the rotating icon panel for the top lock's mystery award.

When you enable any multiball there's a DO on the bottom left of the display and a HO on the bottom right.

When you shoot the Fortress multiball there's a DOHO in the display (on the right side in the hill).


Version L-1 (Changes from revision P-5)
Date : April 19, 1994
- Initial release to production.
- Fixed an error in status report that made it show the wrong number of combos to get an extra ball.
- Fixed the lamp labels for the M and L rollovers.
- Added a few more German translations.
- Added code to compensate for the gun triggers getting stuck ON.
- Enhanced the Combos a bit.
- Changed a bunch of score values
- Added a bunch of effects : sound, display, lights.
- Fixed the 5-ball multiball audit. It was not chalking.
- Added an (adjustable) extra ball on the Retina Scan. If it's adjusted off, an Explode Hurry-up is put in its place.
- Fixed the broken claw or diverter awards so a super jackpot is possible during multiball when the claw is broken.
- Put a 'minor' car chase award on the left and right ramps. Hitting the car crash lights the lamps solid. Shooting a ramp with the light on solid gives the current car crash value.
- The game will now complain at power up if none of the trough optos are working.
- Once per game, we will ball save on the left outlane if the ball bounces out after the eject kicks.
- Made the ramps which feed the left or right return lanes do the Access Claw and Light Quick Freeze work. This is in case the rollovers are broken, or in case the ball doesn't drop correctly from the ramps.
- Added an adjustment for secret features. The default setting is ON. The secret features can be turned off only if tournament mode is ON.
- Added Demolition Jackpot. It is lit at the end of the fourth multiball for the rest of the ball. Shooting the cryoprison awards a bunch of points for each jackpot shot in each of the multiballs.

Version L-2
Date : May 6, 1994
- Added a bunch of effects : sound, display, lights.
- Added a French AIDS message (French jumpers and Language only).
- Added the rest of the German and French translations.
- Fixed 2 errors in status report. It was showing the incorrect value for jackpot when multiball was ready, and it was showing only the super jackpot value when in multiball.
- Changed the stuck handle switch stuff so it checks for bad switches after it puts one back in service. And made the claw work correctly when handle switches are bad.
- Changed the default replay boost to 75M. 100M for export games. Also boosted up the default replay values. - Changed the logic on the car crash ball saver to make it immune to players shaking the game to activate it.
- Fixed the combo accounting. The graffiti bomb was giving 2 combos for the 'add combo' award.
- Fixed the computer award 'collect bonus'. It was not including the 'trigger combo' portion of bonus.

Version L-3
Date : May 11, 1994
- Added a US AIDS awareness message to attract mode.
- Fixed the Retina Scan maximum value. It would jump from 30M to 48M on the jet bumpers. It now correctly maxxes out at 35M. Made it harder to jiggle the game during the 3rd multiball wave to make the cars move and boost jackpots (And turn on ball saver).
- Added an adjustment to turn off the speech in match.
- Added an adjustment for the car crash ball saver. CRASH BALL SAVE can be set to EASY (default) to turn on the ball save with the 2nd opto, or to HARD to turn on the ball save with the standup target.
- Made the claw smarter about the coin door interlock switch disabling the magnet. When the coin door is closed, the game checks to see if it thinks the magnet is broken, and if so, tries to check it again.

Version L-4
Date : May 20, 1994
- Added French translations for the adjustments added in L-2 and L-3.
- The phrase 'Enhance your calm' was removed from the L-2 sound ROM. Sound test was still trying to use it. Another phrase has been substituted.
- Fixed the auto replay system. It was not adjusting.


When using the trigger buttons as flipper buttons, all Combos made gives an extra million to the bonus.

Pressing both thumb buttons on the handles :
1) during Multiball awards the next Jackpot as Secret Jackpot.
2) when getting 'Big Points/1M' at the top lock awards an 'Eat at Joe's' animation and 5M.
3) and triggers when getting 'Big Points/1M' at the top lock awards 'WAG' and 10M.
4) right after Simon has been captured the third time awards a 10M Capture bonus.
5) right after hitting the second Retina Scan awards a gruesome animation and a 10M Smithers bonus.
6) right after getting the U-Look-Gr8-2Day awards a 10M Feel Great bonus.
7) in AcMag mode awards an exploding cow and a free AcMag award.
8) when draining through an outlane during 'Capture Simon' mode before Simon is captured awards a 'Simon Captured'.

Getting the ball up the left inlane and into the Retina Scan saucer awards a 10M Huxley bonus.

With a ball in the shooting lane, press the launcher button on the left handle 4-5 times. Lenina Huxley will now say 'What I wouldn't give for some action!'. This only works once per game.


Designer : Dennis Nordman (DEN)
Artwork : Doug Watson (DTW), Linda Deal
Software : Ted Estes (TED), Bill Grupp (WAG)
Dots/Animation : Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer
Mechanics : Win Schilling (WIN), Armando Zuniga
Music and Sounds : Jon Hey (HEY)

John Spartan : Sylvester Stallone
Simon Phoenix : Wesley Snipes
Lenina Huxley : Sandra Bullock


Game's ROM.
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