Demolition Herby [Model 1006]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Telesys

Demolition Herby [Model 1006] screenshot

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Demolition Herby © 1983 Telesys.

Black out all the squares on the demolition course--and score as many points as you can--before you lose your last car.

There are three game variations.

GAME 1--Children's Race
The other demolition racers are fairly slow. The speed stays the same every lap.

GAME 2--Beginner's Course
Pace stars out slow, but gets progressively faster with each lap. After 7 laps, the other racers get going so fast, they don't even erase your red lines--they don't need to!

GAME 3--Dastardly Derby
Start out quick, and then try to keep the pace! After just two laps, your opponents don't bother to erase the red lines anymore. They're just after you!


Model 1006


*As often as possible, set yourself up to complete two squares with one line.

*After you hit a chase car, get away so you don't get hit when he ricochets.


Programmer: Don Ruffcorn


Game's ROM.