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Arcade Video game published 17 years ago by Cave Co., Ltd.

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Deathsmiles screenshot

Deathsmiles © 2007 Cave Company, Limited.

Windia, a young girl living in London, mysteriously vanishes after being drawn into a flash of light.
Awakening in the Otherworld, Windia arrives in a Western city reminiscent of the early 20th century, and is cared for by Dior, an elderly lord. Discovering there is no way home, Dior reveals to Windia that she is one of the 'lost children', those with magical powers chosen to protect the kingdom...

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Cave CV1000B Hardware

CPU : Hitachi SH-3 CPU, 133 Mhz Clock
Sound Chip : Yamaha YMZ770C-F
Other Chips (Based on Ibara) : Altera Cyclone EP1C12F324C8 FPGA (i think used as Video-DSP and SD-RAM Controller), K9F1G08U0A 128M x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory, 1x MX29LV160BBTC-90 Flash Memory and, 2x MX29LV320ABTC-90 Flash ICs (space for up to 2 more Flash ICs is not used), 1xMT48LC2M32B2-6 SDRAM, and 2x MT46V16M16. LA4708 Audio amplifier.


The development name was "Deathlolita" and was unofficialy announced in July 2007. Then, Deathsmiles was official announced at amusement show in September 2007. It was finally released on October 19, 2007.

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* Secret Character "Follett": Up(x4), B, B, A, A, Left, Left, Right, Right, C(x3), Down, C

* Secret Character, "Roza": Base sequence is the same as "Follett" but 1P code is "CBACBUARCLBDCBAAA".

* Secret Stage "Kyoukoku" (canyon): Base sequence is the same as "Follett" but 1P code is "CCCAULRDBCCCDDABCBA". You can select this stage after finished stage 6.


japan Microsoft XBOX 360 (Apr.23, 2009; "Deathsmiles [Model AWD-00001]")
japan Microsoft XBOX 360 (Apr.23, 2009; "Deathsmiles [Gentei Ban] [Model AWD-00002]")
japan Microsoft XBOX 360 (Apr.08, 2010; "Deathsmiles [Platinum Collection] [Model AWD-00004]")


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