Daytona USA 2 - Power Edition

Arcade Video game published 22 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Daytona USA 2 - Power Edition © 1998 Sega.

Daytona USA 2 grades up! Experience the force and the excitement of the stock cars. This time, the player can use the Hornet Classic, the car from "Daytona USA". There are new features such as the Mix Course, the combination of Medium, Expert, and Beginners, and the player can drive the reverse direction.
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Runs on the Sega "Model 3 Step 2.1" hardware.

Players : 1
Control : Paddle
Buttons : 4
Released in December 1998 in Japan.

The Power Edition includes the courses from the original "Daytona USA".
* Bumper Camera: To access the awesome bumper cam, press view buttons 1 and 2 during a game.

* Helicopter Camera: To access the awesome sky cam, press all view buttons during the game.

* Time Lap Mode: During transmission select, hold down Start and press the accelerator to pick your transmission. If done correctly, the words 'Time Lap Mode' will appear and you will race the track alone without interference from other drivers.

* Mirror Mode: On the circuit select screen, hold down Start and choose a track. Choose car and transmission as normal. You should now have Mirror Mode.

* Rocket Start: At the start of the Advanced and Expert courses, hold down the brake and rev constantly to around 7,000 RPM (the yellow area on the speedometer). When "GO!" appears, release the brake and if timed right, your car should lean back and you pick up reasonable speed. This is critical for impressive times.

* Reverse Mode: At the car selection screen, hold down the Brake. You should see the word "REVERSE", and choose your car.
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