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David Wolf: Secret Agent

IBM PC 5.25in. disk published 35 years ago by Dynamix

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David Wolf: Secret Agent © 1989 Dynamix

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Released in December 1989 in the USA.


Design: Kevin Ryan, Damon Slye
Art Director: John Burton
Producer: Damon Slye
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Tunnell
Programming: Kevin Ryan
Car Sequence: Paul Bowman
Background Art: John Burton, Tom Collie, Kobi Miller
Animation: Brian Hahn
3D Art and Animation: Cyrus Kanga, Mark Brenneman
Screenplay: Kevin Ryan, Jerry Luttrell, Mike Sussman
Sound Effects and Music Editing: Bryce Morcello
Musical Score: Alan McKean
Director of Image Production: Randy Dersham
Costumes, Make Up and Casting: Sher Alltucker
The Cast: Greg Scheid (as David Wolf), Angela Clement (as Kelly O'Neal), J.J. as Bruno Vasto, Duayne White (as Garth Stock), Kevin Dahlstrom (as Tom Boor), Ben Taitel (as Director March), Anthony R. Reyneke (as Dr. Fenton), Damon Slye (as Horowitz), Tom Collie (as Lt. Brooks), Brian Hahn (as Dr. Johnson), Kevin Ryan (as Father Brown), Sher Alltucker (as Newsperson), Cyrus Kanga (as Thug), Jerry Luttrell (as Thug), Jeffrey Tunnell (as Thug), John Burton (as Thug)
Virtual Machine: Mike Edwards, Piotr Lukaszuk
3space(TM): David McClurg
TitleMaker: Dariusz Lukaszuk
Software Tools: Richard Rayl, Piotr Lukaszuk
Audio System: Bryce Morcello
Road Technology: Dariusz Lukaszuk
Flight Model: Damon Slye
Smart Start(TM): Richard Rayl, David McClurg, Piotr Lukaszuk
Hardware Support: Marc Von Ahn
Playtesters: Mick Westrick, Ryan Carothers, Aaron Tunnell
Administrative Support: Anthony R. Reyneke, Karen Peal
Director of Marketing: Jerry Luttrell
Package Illustration: Michael Rogan
Logo Design, Documentation Layout, Package Relief Pitcher: Kobi Miller
Peregrine Logo: Robert Caracol
Great Silhouettes: Sher Alltucker
Documentation: Jeffrey Tunnell, Cyrus Kanga
Special Thanks To: Willa Ryan, Jodi Burton, Colleen Tunnell, for Moral support, Oaktree for David Wolf's Wardrobe, Four Season's for Formal Wear, Gentleman's Encore for Additional Wardrobe, University of Oregon Theatrical Department, Oregon Air National Guard, Flightcraft


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