Darklight Conflict [Model SLES-00663]

Export Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Darklight Conflict © 1997 Electronic Arts.


Game ID: SLES-00663

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Programming: Tony Pomfret, John McMurray
Game Art: Andy Johnson, Ian Rickard
Sound: Stephen Lord
Music: Stephen Lord
FMV: Andy Rixon, Charles Davies
Product Management: John Heap

Producer: David Amor
Associate Producer: Alex Camilleri
Product Manager Europe: Ann Williams
Product Manager North America: Albert Penello
Video Production: Jason Lord
Audio Production: Chris Nicholls
Audio Engineer: Bill Lusty
FMV Soundtrack: Chris Nicholls, Adele Kellett
Voice Recording and Post-Production: Bill Lusty
Outro Animation: Michael P. Cottam, Chris Battson, John Miles, Phil Mellor
Electronic Arts Logo Animation: Jessica Neerpasch
Test Group Supervisor: Matt Price
Lead Tester: Robert Charlish
Testing: Darren Tuckey
Language Test Supervisor: Simon Davison
Language Testers: Sylvain Caburrosso, Lionel Berrodier, Gilbert Tarinforner, Stephan Graffin, Marco Mele, Jean-Philippe Monie, Frederic Reitz, Xavier Plagnal, Christopher Horwood, Laurent Gilbert, Franck Badin
Quality Assurance Supervisor: Richard Gallagher
EASM QA Supervisor: Joel Knutson
EASM QA: Steve Cabana, Sean Baity, Brian Kingsley
Localization Project Manager: Carol Aggett
Documentation: Rich Johnson
Documentation Layout: Corinne Mah
Game Speech: Art Malik
Special Thanks: Danny Isaac, Paul Hughes, Brian Marshall, Dan Blackstone, David Byrne, Duncan Backus, Patrick Bradshaw, Alex Carloss, Billy Joe Cain, David Swofford, Rick Ponds, Geoff Graber, Lennox Ong, James Nolan, Justin Rae