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Dark Cloud [Model SCPS-15004]

Sony PlayStation 2 disc published 24 years ago by Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

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Dark Cloud © 2000 Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

Dark Cloud is an epic RPG which immerses you in a fantastic and atmospheric world. Blending a good old-fashioned battle of good versus evil with an innovative mix of strategy and role playing,Dark Cloud has at its core a compelling storyline.

It is a time of great darkness, untold evil has been unleashed and you are the person chosen to restore peace and order to the land. Your journey will whisk you through strange and magical lands, and dark and ominous dungeons as you busy yourself with rescuing captured citizens and righting the wrongs that have befallen your homeland. Indeed, items discovered along the way must be used to rebuild your destroyed village, which can then be walked around and viewed in full 3D. These and many other elements lift Dark Cloud above the usual RPG fare. Ready yourself for some truly awe-inspiring adventure on PS2!


Game ID: SCPS-15004


Released on December 14, 2000 in Japan.

Export releases:
[US] "Dark Cloud [Model SCUS-97111]"
[EU] "Dark Cloud [Model SCES-50295]"


Product Producer: Akihiro Hino
Art Director: Takeshi Majima
Character Animation Director: Yoshiaki Kusuda
Story: Akihiro Hino
Game Design: Akihiro Hino
Character Design: Miho Tanaka
Main Programmer: Kenji Matsusue
Battle Programmer: Yasuhiro Akasaka
Menu System Program: Tomohiro Misei
Motion System Program: Makoto Shikasho
Editors & Visual Program: Masahiro Noda
Opening & Visual Program: Tatsu Konno
Music Compose & Sound Effects: Tomohito Nishiura
Dungeon Map Design: Kazunari Matsuo
Field Map Design: Hidenobu Sasaki, Yuka Katayama, Takayuki Sameshima, Kengo Okabe, Jun Maeda
Monster Design: Takeshi Akasaka
Character Model & Motion: Tomoe Oeda, Takeshi Akasaka, Miyuki Sumiyoshi, Jun Sonobe
Title & Menu Design: Ryoichi Takeyama
Management: Shin-ichi Minato
Management Support: Hisako Ichiyama
Voice Actors & Actresses: Aki Akiha, Koji Ishii, Kenta Katagiri, Megumi Kubuto, Chie Koujiro
Motion Capture Choreographer: Tooru Miura
Motion Capture Actor & Actresses: Osamu Nagata
Illustration: Hitoshi Murita
Special Thanks: Raphael Digital & Studio, Dancing Office Saijo, Shinsaku Tanaka (Tahokushinsha)

Special Thanks: Masaaki Doi
Producer: Yasuhide Kobayashi
Executive Producer: Akira Satou, Fumiya Takeno, Masatsuka Saeki
Assistant Producer: Kentaro Motomura