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Dark Adventure [Model GX687]

Arcade Video game published 37 years ago by Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

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Dark Adventure [Model GX687] screenshot

Dark Adventure © 1987 Konami.

Pre-version of "Majuu no Ohkoku [Model GX687]" For more information about the game itself, please see the original version entry.

Dark Adventure has:
* Different intro sequences.
* More difficult: The energy live decrease faster and each scene has more than one exit (and more than one key).
* There are three player characters instead of two (Zorlock has been added).
* The rectangle that contains the options (weapons and speed) that you can activate doesn't exist.
* The scenes with the dragon don't exist.
* The weapons and the process to catch them are different.

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Dedicated Upright.
Game ID : GX687

Players : 3
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 4


Dark Adventure was released in September 1987. Due to the complexity and difficulty of Dark Adventure, it never faired well in the arcades. The title would have been much better suited for the home game market. So, Konami updated the game on month later as "Majuu no Ohkoku [Model GX687]"

Kelly Flewin holds the official record for this game with 123,300 points on June 4, 2006.


Cabinet Graphic Design: Don Marshall


Game's ROM.
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