Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat

The Arcade Video Game PCB by Leland, The

Danny Sullivan

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[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCB

Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat © 1991 Leland.

A 3-player, Indy style racing game with 5 cars that each race around 15 of Danny Sullivan's favorite tracks. Players can turbo, crash, catch fire, and lose fuel, but they may pit stop for repair. Danny himself always races (yellow car) and players can earn money for more turbo, faster pit crew, acceleration, brakes, and tires.


Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat the  Arcade Video Game PCB
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Main CPU : (2x) Zilog Z80 (@ 6 Mhz)
Sound CPU : I80186 (@ 8 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Custom (@ 8 Mhz), YM2151 (@ 4 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal
Video resolution : 320 x 240 pixels
Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz
Palette colors : 1024

Players : 3
Control : dial
Buttons : 2


Danny Sullivan was one of IndyCar Racing's most recognizable personalities.


Consultant : Danny Sullivan
Concept : John Rowe
Team leader : John Morgan
Managers : Medo Moreno, Dan Viescas
Software & Graphics : John Morgan, Dave Sullivan, Steve High
Sounds : Sam Powell, Michelle Simon
Diagnostics : Joe Kosic
Hardware : Alex McKay, Eric Henderson, George Fiock
Additional helps : Earl Stratton, Bruce Moore, Dave Scoot, Ellis Goodson


Nintendo Famicom (1991)

Atari ST (1992, "Indy Heat")
Commodore Amiga (1992)

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