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Konami Python 2 DVD published 18 years ago by Konami Digital Ent. Co., Ltd.

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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA © 2006 Konami Digital Entertainment Company, Limited.

The 9th entry into the popular Dance Dance Revolution series. This mix contains 301 songs, 64 are completely new and 57 are ported from the home versions.

SuperNOVA's scoring system has been greatly simplified from prior DDR versions. As in In the Groove and the Challenge or 'Oni' Mode in DDRMAX2 and DDR EXTREME, all steps in the song are now valued equally; no longer will later steps in the song be worth more than earlier steps. All songs are worth a maximum of 10,000,000 points. Each Perfect step is worth 10M/n (where n is the number of steps plus three times of number of freezes in the song), and each Great is worth 10M/2n. Unlike DDRMAX through EXTREME, double steps (jumps) only add 1 to the combo counter instead of 2. Songs are also scored invisibly to the player by 'Dance Points', which determine which letter grade is given to the player; each Perfect step is worth 2 Dance Points, a Great step is worth 1 Dance Point, and an OK on a Freeze Arrow is worth 2 Dance Points. Goods, Almosts, Boos, and NGs are worth 0 dance points; unlike DDRMAX through EXTREME, they do not subtract from your Dance Point total. The maximum Dance Point score is therefore equal to double the number of steps plus two times of number of freezes in the song. Due to how SuperNOVA's score is calculated, it is possible to determine your Dance Point percentage by dividing your song score by 100,000. You can obtain an estimate of your dance points by dividing the score by 10,000,000 then multiplying the sum of twice of the number of steps and two times of the number of freezes in the song. Also worth noting is that each individual song has its own high score, which is briefly displayed when the song is selected, but before it loads.

Unlike previous recent games, only previous songs from other mixes will have full motion video backgrounds. New songs will, instead, have live-rendered backgrounds with dancing characters, but are disabled if a song features an exclusive video. They are featured in an arcade mix for the first time since Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX; Dancing Stage Fever (AC) in European countries. A selection of one out of eight different characters (six returning characters with 2 new dancers (Emi, Rage, Jenny, Disco, Baby-Lon, Robo-Zukin, Gus, Ruby)) can be selected by the player(s). A selection of crossover songs from the Beatmania IIDX series feature their original movies from their originating Styles (although the movie would be cut if the song itself was cut).

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Released in April 2006.

This game is known as "Dancing Stage SuperNOVA" in Europe.

Unlike previous arcade releases, for which separately-featured releases were made at different times in Japan, North America and Europe, versions of DDR Supernova will be released simultaneously worldwide. In addition, besides the name, both regions' versions of the game will be identical, with the same exact features and song list.

The game is available in a dedicated cabinet, or an upgrade kit from previous mixes.

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There are two sets of unlockable songs. The first set is accessed by choosing Expert Mode, and clearing FINAL STAGE with an AA or better. These songs are Healing-D-Vision DE-STRAD, Fascination MAXX 100-200-400, and Fascination - eternal love mix - 2MB. The second set is unlocked by clearing any Secret Song (a song unlocked by the first method) in EXTRA STAGE. The song unlocked by this method is CHAOS DE-SIRE retunes.

Extra Stage :
To obtain the extra stage, you need to get a grade of at least 'AA' on your last song on the 'Expert' or 'Challenge' difficulty. The choice of 'boss' songs will depend on what mode you picked.

If you picked 'Easy' or 'Medium' mode, the boss extra stage song will be Healing-D-Vision.

If you picked 'Difficult' or 'All Music' mode, the boss extra stage songs are Fascination Maxx or Fascination (Eternal Love Mix).

In the extra stage, the modifiers are '1.5x', 'Reverse', and 'Rainbow', and you will start with a full life bar, which does not refill if you lose life.

One More Extra Stage :
Pass Healing-D-Vision, or get a grade of at least an 'A' on Fascination Maxx or Fascination (Eternal Love Mix) to get the one more extra stage.

In this stage, you will be playing the song 'Chaos' on expert. You must play the song without any modifiers at all. A single good, almost, boo, or NG (missed freeze arrow) ends the game.

To achieve a 'AA' rank, you must have a total score of at least 9.5 million points (out of a possible 10 million). If you're going for the unfathomable 'AAA' rank, you will need to hit every single step with perfects.


Sony PlayStation 2 (2006)


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