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Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix with beatmania IIDX club version [Model GN896]

Konami System 573 CD+cart. published 20 years ago by Konami

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix with beatmania IIDX club version © 1999 Konami Company, Limited.

"DDR 2ndMix with beatmania IIDX club version" has a completely different song list from 2nd Mix, instead featuring all 13 songs from "beatmania IIDX club version". The two arcade machines are designed to be linked to each other, allowing simultaneous play by two to four players (up to two on each machine). One song is selected by the IIDX player(s), and is then played on both machines. For the DDR player(s), only one difficulty is available for each song, although there is a different step set for Doubles mode. If a player on either machine fails the song, play continues as long as at least one player is passing.

"club version" also introduced Vivid mode, which changes the color-cycling for arrows based on their placement within each bar of music. This allows players to better time their steps based on visual information, and has been enabled by default in most subsequent DDR games.



Players : 2
Buttons : 6


Exact release date : April 21, 1999

Game's ROM.