CyberRun Bobsled Simulator

Arcade Video game published 18 years ago by MaxFlight

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CyberRun Bobsled Simulator © 2002 MaxFlight Corporation.

The Polar Bear is here.

MaxFlight introduces the Ice World CyberRun Bobsled Simulator, a giant arctic-white free-swinging customer creatable virtual bobsled simulator.
Before entering the frozen world of the Bear, passengers select their own harrowing run, building their icy course by picking different track pieces, choosing from millions of ride combinations.

Then MaxFlight's unique 'forward of the axis' motion sends sledders into full 360 degree loops, banks, spirals and plunges, doing exactly what they see on a huge 58" screen before them.

The feel of wind in their face and premium quality surround sound all around make it the ultimate sensory experience.

Like all MaxFlight's simulators, owners can expect massive crowds, solid revenues, small footprint and large customer throughput.


CR2502 CyberRun Bobsled Simulator
Description: Full 2-axis 360-degree motion base simulator
Number of Adventures: 3 million
Cycle Time Per Play: Variable
Passengers Per Machine: 2
Proprietary Hardware: Yes
Platform: Intel compatible PC, Microsoft Windows NT
Proprietary Software: Yes
Display System: LCD Projector
Operator Required: Yes
On-Site Technician Required: Yes (free factory training available)
Remote Diagnostic/Support: Via modem / internet or phone

Height Requirements: 12 feet, 9 inches (3.88 meters)
Width: 12 feet, 6 inches (3.75 meters)
Length (Depth): 16 feet 6 inches (5.03 meters)
Floor Area: 206.25 square feet (19.16 square meters)
Contact Feet: (2) 8 inches x 88 inches (20.3 cm x 232.5 cm)
Weight: 4,000 pounds (1,814.36 kg)
Static Floor Loading: 19.39 pounds/square foot (94.58 kg/square meter)
Electrical Requirements (North America):
(1) 208-volt 3-phase 60 Hz, 30 Amps (dedicated)
(2) 110-volt 1-phase 60 Hz, 20 Amps (dedicated)
Electrical Requirements (International): Available upon request (specify country)


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